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Over the last two decades, the world of photography has exploded. Images are everywhere, and everyone is making them. With the pace of camera advancement, it is essential to have a camera waterhousing that can keep up.

Introducing the Slant-X system from Essex.

Patent Pending Design

The Slant-X is the first and only waterhousing to embrace change! The newly released 7D Mark II control back allows a quick and cost effective way for Slant-X users to upgrade their system while utilizing their current ports.

A Universal Central Node

The Slant-X's interchangeable Control Backs are dedicated to each of your specific camera bodies, the Slant-X allows you to exploit your multi-body camera system without the cost and hassle of having to own multiple housings.

Interchangeable Modules

Using one set of ports, one Node and a Control Back for each body, versus an entire system for each body, its easy to see why you'll save money, space, and increase functionality with a waterhousing from Essex.

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