Over / Under Dome port

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Over / Under Dome port

$ 449.00


1 lbs

A full 8" hemisphere puts the water line far away from the lens so it photographs as a thin line.
This aids in creating that "Over/Under" look
Utilizes an optically correct 8" injection molded polycarbonate hemisphere.
Moves the waterline away form the lens so it photographs as a thin line enhancing the "over / under" perspective.
For use in a controlled environment.
Features tie off anchor points to help combat buoyancy and to keep the dome anchored in the water.
Dome is field replaceable if damage.d
Backup domes available.
CNC machined Type III hard anodized aluminum port base.
Aerospace quality carbon fibre tube.

When ordering, use the comment field to tell us which lens this port is for.

Dome = (diameter x height) 8” x 4” (200mm x 100mm)

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