Canon 7D Control Back

$ 479.00
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Canon 7D Control Back

$ 479.00


.487 kilograms, 1.07 pounds
7.25” x 8.5” x 4”, 184mm x 215mm x 101mm

Injection molded Polyurethane resin:

  • Tensile Strength, (psi) ASTM D638 7,600
  • Tensile Modulus, (psi) ASTM 38 2.4 x105
  • Elongation, (%) ASTM D638 10
  • Flexural Strength, (psi) ASTM D790 10,000
  • Flexural Modulus, (psi) ASTM D790 2.5 x 105

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"With a host of features designed to enhance every facet of the photographic process, from still images to video, the EOS 7D represents an advanced class of camera. Made to be the tool of choice for serious photographers and semi-professionals."

A thumbscrew secures the camera to the control back via the cameras tripod socket.

The control back and the camera become a rock solid unit, insuring perfect alignment of all controls.

All control backs mate with the Node.

All controls are low profile and face friendly, an Essex exclusive.

Comes standard with easy access to all these major camera controls:

Live View shooting / Movie shooting switch
Movie shooting Start/Stop button
Quick Control Dial
SET button
Main Dial
Mode Dial
ISO speed setting / Flash exposure compensation
AF mode selection/ Drive mode selection button
Metering mode selection/ White balance selection button
AF start button
AE lock button/Index/Reduce button
Multi Controller (Right hand jump only)
One-touch RAW+JPEG/Direct print button
“Q”-Quick Control button
Menu button
Picture Style selection button
Info button
Playback button
Erase button

Rated for a depth of 33 feet (2 ATM/BAR, 29.8 psi)

Every control back is pressure tested to a depth of 33 feet

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