• Warranty

Essex Surfhousings provides a one-year warranty from date of purchase on all parts and labor.

Photography in and around a liquid environment is a risk and by using our products, you are assuming the risk of potentially ruining your camera and lens by contact with fresh and or salt water. Essex Surfhousings llc can not and shall not be held liable for any damage to equipment used in conjunction with our products.

Essex Surfhousings LLC shall in no way be held liable or responsible for accidents involving immersion of a digital camera in water. In addition, expenses incurred for damage of internal materials or loss of recorded contents due to water entering the camera will not be compensated.

Essex Surfhousings LLC shall not pay any compensation for accidents, bodily injuries or material damage when using our products.

Appropriate insurance should be maintained in order to protect your equipment.

Essex highly recommends The Divers Alert Network (DAN) for your insurance needs.

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