Back Focus
pistol grip

$ 385.00
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Back Focus
pistol grip

$ 385.00


197 grams, 6.9 oz.
L x H x W: 6" x 3" x 3" (152mm x 76mm x76mm)

Injection molded Polyurethane resin:

  • Tensile Strength, (psi) ASTM D638 7,600
  • Tensile Modulus, (psi) ASTM 38 2.4 x105
  • Elongation, (%) ASTM D638 10
  • Flexural Strength, (psi) ASTM D790 10,000
  • Flexural Modulus, (psi) ASTM D790 2.5 x 105

Your thumb operates autofocus and your index finger fires the shutter. Our Back Focus pistol grip simulates the back focus feature found on Canon cameras

For sports photographers and others taking action pictures, back-button AF lets you stop focus whenever something might interfere with the moving subject you’re tracking — without requiring you to stop shooting.

Advantageous when using a telephoto lens or when focusing a fisheye for those under the surface shots.

The Essex Back Focus pistol grip features a ergonomic design utilizing an all rubber pistol grip.

We only use genuine OEM connecting cords from Canon USA. (Beware of inferior cords)

If you use the back focus feature regularly, then this is the grip for you.

Features an anchoring tie-off spot at the base for our wrist leash.

193.5 grams, 6.82 ounces, .42 pounds 6” x 2.75” x 3.5”, 152mm x 70mm x 89mm

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