Slant-X Node

$ 799.00
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Slant-X Node

$ 799.00


652 grams, 22.9 ounces, 1.43 pounds
8” x 9” x 4.5”, 203mm x 228.6mm x 114.3mm

Injection molded Polyurethane resin:

  • Tensile Strength, (psi) ASTM D638 7,600
  • Tensile Modulus, (psi) ASTM 38 2.4 x105
  • Elongation, (%) ASTM D638 10
  • Flexural Strength, (psi) ASTM D790 10,000
  • Flexural Modulus, (psi) ASTM D790 2.5 x 105

The Node is the chassis or platform around which you build your Slant-X waterhousing system

Add a control back for the camera of your choice.

Choose from our extensive lineup of flat and dome ports.

A zoom gear is built in to the node, reducing the size of your ports.

Two rotary draw latches on the sides of the Node are placed away from the photographers face and provide a secure closure.

A set of miniature compression spring latches top and bottom compliment the draw latches for added security

Revolutionary EZ-clip anchor points for our "hands free" swim belt featuring YKK strength & durability.

Every node is rated for a depth of 33 feet (2 ATM/BAR, 29.8 psi)

Every node is pressure tested to a depth of 33 feet.

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