Dome or flat Port?

It all depends on the lens you're using....

If a lens can accept a screw on filter, then it should be shot through a flat port

FLAT PORTS produce stunning imagery above water and underwater too, as these Art Brewer images show

Underwater swimmer photos by using a Slant-X, 5DM3 control back with a EF 100mm f:2.8 Macro USM lens in a flat port.

FISHEYE LENSES with their 180° angle of view, have to be used in a dome port.

Above the surface, a dome port is usually shot "wet".

For above the surface imaging, you can use autofocus and shoot either wet or dry depending on your preference.

Below the surface, a dome port becomes an optical element producing a "Virtual Image" that the lens needs to focus on.

The 8" dome used on our Pro Dome ports creates a virtual image approximately 12.5" away from the outside surface of the dome.

For underwater imaging, we recommend setting your focus between 12-15" for optimum results.

(This distance is within the close focusing range of most fisheye lenses.)

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