Equipment & Trip Insurance

Accidents happen........

and when they do, you'll be glad you have insurance.

Essex is an Industry Partner with DAN, The Divers Alliance Network.

Insurance coverage for camera equipment used in and around the ocean (or water) is very hard to find.

The Divers Alert Network (DAN) has been offering camera equipment insurance to dive photographers for years.

Essex has opened the door for surf photographers to become members of DAN and to take advantage of camera and trip insurance coverage that was previously very hard to find.

Most International Surf Camps and Sailboat charters require you to purchase trip insurance. DAN has affordable trip insurance and coupled with equipment insurance, it's a win-win situation for the traveling surf/ action sports photographer.

DAN is the diving industry’s largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety and has been serving scuba divers for more than 30 years. DAN provides emergency assistance, medical information resources, educational opportunities, trip/equipment insurance and more.

DAN has the experience to help you stay afloat in stormy seas...

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